Elassona Farm is once again showing its willingness to innovate with the creation of Greece’s first butcher’s shop with packaged meat that conforms with the highest standards. At this great-looking modern butcher’s, quality and tradition meet the latest food trends.

Our attractive new shop is situated in the historic Modiano market in Thessaloniki, which opens its doors in October 2022 and is set to become one of Greece’s hottest culinary destinations.

A few words about Elassona Farm

Elassona Farm is located in the foothills of Mount Olympus, and brings to the table Greek meat of unique quality that is fit for the gods. A completely natural environment, respect for the animals, a strong relationship with trusted farmers, and a state-of-the-art production unit ensure the highest standards for every product at every stage of production.

From Farm to Fork

Elassona Farm endorses the Farm to Fork strategy that is at the heart of the European Green Deal and is fully aligned with the goals set by the European Commission for a sustainable future.

Our goals are:

  1. Affordable, nutritious food produced within the limits of our planet
  2. Premium-quality Greek meat
  3. Reduced use of antimicrobial drugs
  4. Reduced food waste
  5. Animal welfare.

Animal welfare

Our animals:

  • graze freely on pastures where the biodiversity of the flora and the antioxidant-rich herbs of the Greek land result in meat that is particularly tasty and aromatic. Free-range animals protect biodiversity, renewing the land as they graze it. In addition, carbon dioxide emissions from extensive grazing are almost negligible, with zero impact on the environment.
  • are reared in specially designed stalls with a best practices programme for welfare, nutrition and slaughter that follows the scientific guidance of the Veterinary School of the University of Thessaly.

A sustainable policy

With absolute respect for the protection of the environment and bearing in mind the long-term cultural changes that the concept of sustainability requires, Elassona Farm is pursuing a fully sustainable policy.

  1. As part of our strategy of development and the integrated environmental management of waste, we have begun building a biogas production plant for the aerobic digestion of a mixture of raw materials made up of the company’s own solid waste and solid waste and products from the wider area. 
  2. Elassona Farm is also investing in sustainable packaging to help reduce our carbon footprint. Our new instant packaging line with paper containers for meat and meat products helps reduce the use of plastic by up to 90%. The company is committed to reducing the wasteful use of plastic as a key pillar of sustainable development

PDO products

Elassona Farm has the only certified abattoir in Greece for Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) lamb and goat from Elassona.

These unique rare breeds are reared according to extremely strict specifications and give high-quality meat with a taste and texture influenced by specific characteristics of the area.

Characteristics: The meat is tender and succulent with a signature taste and pleasant aroma. They have low overall fat, a higher proportion of polyunsaturated fatty acids than other lambs and goats, and more linolenic acid.

The animals are fed exclusively on mother’s milk.

They come from sheep and goats that graze within a limited mountainous and semi-mountainous geographical area. Sixty per cent of the area is made up of pastures where a wide variety of grasses, herbs, and aromatic plants grow.

International awards for Elassona Farm products from the International Taste Institute (iTQi)

Elassona Farm has received Superior Taste Awards from the International Taste Institute for:

  • PDO bone-in leg of goat
  • PDO lamb cutlets.


The awards are a testament to Elassona Farm’s sustained efforts to provide consumers with products of superior quality and taste and are certified by the world’s best chefs and sommeliers.

We are proud to have received this recognition but are also conscious of our obligation to continue dedicating ourselves to the development of delicious new products.

Attractive high-quality packaging/Advantages of packaged meat

  • Innovative recyclable paper packaging 
  • Paper from responsibly managed sources
  • Longer shelf life
  • Freshness guarantee 
  • No to food waste 
  • Attractive packaging
  • Reduced environmental footprint
  • Up to 90% reduced use of plastic


***MAP/VACUUM/SKIN packaging

The appropriate packaging and the optimal hygiene and temperature conditions for storage are carefully selected depending on the type and specifics of each piece of meat. As a result, shelf life is extended in a completely natural way and freshness and safety are guaranteed.