Stock-fattening barns

In 2007, we completed the construction of a barn for rearing and fattening goats, sheep and cattle, situated on land owned by the company and covering an area of 1250 square meters. It was built so that we will be able to meet the needs of the market with Greek products, even when there is a shortage of animals in the region of Thessaly, which is the main source of our animals . Its holding code is EL42304538 (for sheep and goats) and EL4201238 (for cattle).


Since 2000, the company has operated three production/slaughter lines (cattle, sheep and goats, and pigs), with a capacity of 2000 tonnes of meat per year, with veterinary approval code number S 41.

Processing /standardisation

In 2008, the meat processing and standardisation area was expanded and modernised. It has a veterinary approval license with code number A 125 and has a capacity of 450 tonnes per year.

The company has the capacity to package both conventional and organic meat products.

In the case of organic products, any interested party must:

  • Have Logo (batch)
  • Product certificate
  • Use the organic logo of the EU

Refrigerators Product Distribution

In the clean zone, the company has refrigerators for all the slaughterhouses and product transshipment facilities.