Kokoretsi is a delicacy with a long history that goes all the way back to ancient Greece – it is even mentioned by Homer. Creating the product is a challenge for our company, as its fans are more than usually demanding, but it is a particularly rewarding one.

The experienced craft butchers of Elassona Farm follow the traditional method of preparing kokoretsi, where the intestines are carefully wound around offal from Elassona Farm lambs, patiently and lovingly creating a product that promises the most intense taste sensations.

We collected and pored over countless traditional recipes in order to create our kokoretsi, and as a result it contains all the secrets of Greece’s culinary identity.

Pack: Available in weights of 1kg, 3kg, 5kg, 7kg, and by special order.

It is a gluten-free product enriched with local herbs and spices.